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Pop Up WordPress – Try Out This AMAZING Tool!

No matter if you call them pop-ups, popunders,or hover ads, the bottom line is that they work! Even though there is actually a difference between the three types of ads, nowadays people tend to interchange the names. Smart online marketers know that pop-up ads work and when they use them properly, they can increase their sales and conversions sometimes quite dramatically.

Pop-up ads actually first started being used back in the late 1990’s. Companies would use them to promote their products to online visitors. The pop-ups were mostly just little windows that would display special offers to grab people’s attention.

As pop-up ads became more and more popular they became more distracting and more intrusive. It wasn’t long before some websites were actually accused of abusing their visitors. Soon, browsers began to use scripts that would block pop-ups from appearing on the screen.

However, because of clever JavaScripting a similar ad called a hover ad has replaced pop-ups. These ads cannot be blocked from appearing because they are really part of the webpage, “superimposed” in a transparent layer right on top of the page.

Hover ads are now referenced as popovers because they do not actually open up in a new browser window. They simply display right over the current page. Many people call them pop-ups because the ad just seems to pop up on the screen.

People use pop-ups for the following:
*Capturing email addresses
*Capturing other information (name, phone number,etc.)
*Offering upsells
*Offering downsells
*Online surveys
*Free Reports
*Special discounts
Pop Up WordPress

As mentioned earlier when used in the PROPER way, pop-ups can serve to increase sales. There are both right and wrong ways to use pop-ups.

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Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon for pop-ups ads to continuously pop up several times on the same page and on multiple pages on a website. This constant action would often times be so aggravating that visitors would just leave the site never to return. This left a bad taste in people’s mouths when it came to this type of advertising.

To be properly effective pop-up ads should be used sparingly. You should be respectful and thoughtful to your visitors so that they rarely see more than one or two pop-up ads on your site. This is, of course, except in the sales process which we will discuss later.

Thanks to some technological advancements some pop-up software will allow you to actually “program” popovers to show up only a specific number of times or perhaps just one time.

Let’s say, for instance, that someone visits your site on a particular day and a pop-up appeared. You could program the ad to never come up again for that user. (You do this by setting a “cookie” to remember when the visitor came. Cookies can actually be programmed to expire during the same browser session or after a certain amount of time.) You could alternatively, depending upon the specific software you have set the ad to appear in 6 months, 30 days, 1 week, 1 day or whatever you choose.

Not only will you want to be able to control the frequency in which your ad appears but you will also want to be able to control the timing of the ad’s appearance. You may wish to have the ad appear the moment someone gets on you site or you may want there to be a time delay of 20 seconds or so. An alternative option is to have an ad appear when someone is about to exit your site, hence the name “exit pop”.

You should test to see which pop-ups work for you. Some have found that exit pop-ups work best while others have discovered delayed timing pop-ups to be more effective. And some have found that immediate pop-ups are the best for them. It really all depends upon the market you are in and the product you are trying to sell or promote. Do no let your opinion get in the way of your testing. TEST to see which pop-ups will work for your market.

Many people don’t like pop-up ads and you may be on of them. However, just because you don’t like them does not mean that they would not work on your site and be extremely effective in increasing your profits.

In one case study the opt-in rate of a free report sign-up was only at 10%. They applied an exit pop-up on the page and the rate increased to 24%. There are many claims as far as results go, the fact of the matter is when you use pop-ups properly, conversions go up.

There are many factors that must be considered when programming pop-ups. Good pop-up software should enable you to program such things as the color of the lightbox that is around the pop-up and the transparency or opacity of the lightbox. You should additionally be able to choose the size, shape, and basic design of your pop-up box.

Pop Up WordPress – Good Copy Is Crucial!

Perhaps the most important part of the popover will most likely be the copy. What will you say in your ad? What words will you use to try and compel your visitors to take the action you desire?

Images are something else that should be thought about. What images do you intend to have with your copy? If you are trying to get someone to give you their email address so that they can receive a free report for example, it would help to have a “free report” image beside the form. That way they get a visual of what they would be getting. This is another area that needs testing.

There is yet another question that you need to consider. How will your visitors close the pop-up box? Will you have a “close” link? Or would you rather have an “X”? Or perhaps you might opt for no link at all and let your visitors click outside of the pop-up box to close it. If you do happen to choose the “X”, what color will you make it, and where exactly will you put it – at the top right, bottom right,etc.?

There is nothing quite as aggravating as not being able to close a pop-up when you want to. Obtaining flexible popover software will go a long way in making sure your pop-ups suit your needs as well as increase your conversions.

When you use pop-ups in the sales process it can be very effective. For instance, if you had someone come to your site and see your price of $97 and feeling that it was too high starts to click off the page you could use a clever exit pop-up. The exit pop-up could say something like “Wait! Don’t want to spend $97 right now? You can take advantage of a 2-payment system and only pay half right now! Click here to find out more!”

As you can see there are a variety of ways to use pop-up ads to increase your sales. However, you should always be testing. Just because you really don’t like pop-ups does not mean that they are not effective when they are properly used. Testing can tell you for sure.

After all said and done the most important decision for you to make besides the actual pop-up ads you will use is the pop-up software you choose to showcase your pop-ups. Believe me; they are not all created equal. Do your homework and look for a pop-up software that is flexible, works properly, is easy to program, as well as affordable.